Property Auctions Expert

Property Auctions Expert

How to be a Property Auctions Expert. Do your prior research and attends as many auctions as you can before bidding on your own first property.

How to be a Property Auctions Expert. Never purchase a property unseen. Catalogue descriptions are written to help the property sell - there may be numerous faults and problems that you will only find out about by viewing the property prior to the auction.

How to be a Property Auctions Expert. View the legal pack that accompanies any property you are interested in. Legal packs are usually made available to prospective buyers before the auction day, (there may be a charge). Make sure you get to see the legal pack and if neccessary, seek a legal opinion.

How to be a Property Auctions Expert. Have your finance secure and in place BEFORE you ever attend an auction with an intention to buy. You are legally bound to purchase the property if you are the high bidder and failing to complete because your finance falls through may incur you horrendous costs with no property to show at the end.

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I found when doing my own research into property and land auctions in the UK, for my own interests, that there were a lot of sites who would only give access to this information if you became a member or paid a fee. NO! NO! NO!...... Information is FREE! I am publishing whatever facts and resources I can find about commercial, land, woodland and residential property auctions in the UK, ALL FOR FREE!

If you have a commercial, residential, woodland, land, or property auction site that I haven't got listed please contact me, and I will endeavour to share the free information with everyone.

Users of this site should browse around when doing research into property auctions as many of the auctioneers, for instance Strettons or Bernard Marcus, could easily be featured in more than one category. Many commercial property and residential property auctioneers have occasional auction lots of land and forestry. I have duplicated some entries on the different pages where this seemed sensible but it may be worth checking out ALL the property auction resources here. Remember, there is no charge for this information and access to the ifey property auctions website; ALL the land, forestry, rural, commercial and residential property auctions listed here are offered as FREE information for you to access.

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