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Online property auctions

There are many online auction sites that have a dedicated property auction section.

Many of the online auction sites offer a service that is without charge to one side or the other of the property contract, so these auction websites are worth checking out whether you are a buyer or a seller of property.

Here are some of the biggest online property auctions PLUS the online auction sites that ONLY sell real estate property.

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Online Property Auctions: Auction Your Property Online Property Auctions Auction Your Property Online Property Auctions. is an online property listing and auction service. Auction Your Property have combined online property listing and online auctioning to give users a cheap and direct way to buy and sell property, with zero commission for sellers.

Auction Your Property Online Property Auctions

Online Property Auctions: Ebay Online Property Auctions Ebay Online Property Auctions.
Ebay is a HUGE online marketplace and if you are considering selling anything, it makes sense to consider Ebay as an outlet for your sale.
Ebay.Com and Ebay.Co.UK both offer online property auctions, though the terms and conditions for listing your property and finalising the sale may be different - check the EBAY homepage.

Ebay Online Property Auctions

Online Property Auctions: Gumtree Online Property Auctions Gumtree Online Property Auctions.
Though Gumtree is not strictly an online auction site, it does sell properties such as land, garages, residential homes and commercial property.... and the effect of many of the property listings is to create an auction where the property may be listed several times, each time at a lower price until it sells - effectively an auction in reverse.

Gumtree Online Property Auctions

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