Lost Property Auctions

Lost Property Auctions in the UK

Listed on this page are Lost Property Auctioneers and lost property auctions based and held in the United Kingdom. There is also a company listed that specialises in auctioning lost property from airports.

Just a small listing to deal with the enquiries I receive about property auctions other than real estate auctions. I'll add more here soon.

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Lost Property Auctioneers: Bumblebee UK Property Auctions Bumblebee UK Property Auctions.
The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Property Auction in association with Bumblebee Auctions. The lost property auction site is part of the Bumblebee Auction System, which is a national police property system.
Members of the public are able to bid on items of lost or unreturned property.
Registration is required in order to use the Bumblebee lost property auction system and actually bid on items.
Lost Property Categories at the Bumblebee site include: Luggage, Pictures, Sports Equipment, Toys & Games, Clocks & Watches, Computer Equipment, Music Related, Vehicles, Bicycles, Clothes & Textiles, Electrical Equipment, Jewellery, Miscellaneous, Photographic, Cameras, Mobile Phones, Ipod, Iphones, Digital Cameras, and Tools.

Devon and Cornwall Police Home Page

Lost Property Auctioneers: Hertfordshire Airport Auctions Hertfordshire Airport Auctions.
Hertfordshire Airport Auctions hold regular lost property auctions where they sell lost and left luggage from airports.
Property sold at Herts Auctions includes: Cars, commercial vehicles, cameras, jewellery, watches, antique to modern furniture, period furniture, bygones, brassware, silverware and plate, china, ceramics, collectors items, computers & peripherals, lost property, retail return goods, televisions, hi-fiís, consumer electronics, electrical goods, domestic white goods, power tools, hand tools, professional tools, designer goods, luggage, shop stocks, warehouse overstock, bailiffs goods, police recovered items, bankruptcy goods, private & trade goods, bicycles, plants, garden statuary, garden furniture, clothing, designer jewellery, mobile phones, duty free, perfume, toiletries, toys, musical instruments, professional equipment, office furniture, and much much more besides.

Hertfordshire Airport Auctions Home Page

General UK auctioneers:

General Auctioneers: Bonham's Auctions Bonhams's Auctions.

General Auctioneers: Christies Auctions Christies Auctions.

General Auctioneers: Sotheby's Auctions Sotheby's Auctions.

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